About The CEO

Hey there, I’m Kartier Fowler, the founder of Kured Skincare (or Kured by Kartier). I’ve been working on bringing Kured Skincare to life for about a year (from today 2/4/22). I’ve always had a passion & dream of providing high performing and all natural skincare products to those who share a similar experience with me when it come to the journey of wanting to achieve healthy skin.

This passion of mine stemmed from growing up poor and not having access to nearby dermatologists as they were so expensive. Why does that matter huh? I say that because during my teenage years I suffered with acne, acne scars, and dark spots pretty bad. Testing out the high end skincare products that had so many great reviews didn’t quite fit my very low budget at the time. An appointment with a dermatologist seemed so far fetched if my insurance couldn’t cover it entirely. 

Once I said to myself just because my budget is low shouldn’t mean I’m denied access to achieving healthy skin, a fire in me was ignited. I began to experiment with different products noting how it made my skin react…to be continued☺️